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Blog: content marketing and copywriting tips and advice

Why I repositioned to focus on content marketing

I started my own business four years ago. I’ve learnt a lot including what I love to do best and what my clients value the most. Read why I’ve repositioned my business to content marketing and copywriting.

8 reasons why your business should blog

Many businesses might be wondering if they should start a blog. Some might already have a blog, but just don’t get the time to post consistently. Here are eight reasons why you might want to consider blogging.

Does your business need social media?

Social media can bring many benefits to some businesses, but many people have reservations about starting out. I look at why you might not need to be on social media, the benefits it can bring to some businesses and where to start with social media.

How to avoid spelling and grammar errors in your content

Imagine the effect mistakes in your writing could have on the image you give your clients. Why should they take you seriously if you can’t get some of the basics of English right? Whenever you write, print or blog here are some simple tips to avoid ruining your credibility.