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I started my business four years ago. I’d taken voluntary redundancy after my department had closed. My only option to stay with the same company was to travel an hour and a half to work each day – and the same back again. That daily journey combined with a busy family life was not for me!

I knew I wanted to go freelance to give me flexibility in my work hours and launched as ‘Polly Stevenson Marketing and PR’. Diving in, I offered ‘all things marketing’ to farming and agricultural businesses, which was where I had spent most of my corporate (and family) life. I also offered marketing services to small businesses close to home in rural Wiltshire.

Those four years have been amazing; working with fabulous people and their diverse businesses and learning lots along the way.

One of the lessons learnt

Importantly, I’ve learnt what I enjoy doing the most is writing. That’s writing messages, stories, articles and news that are crafted to be of value, of interest and attractive to my clients’ ideal customers.

I’ve learnt what my clients need the most help with too… that’s planning, writing and sharing their messages, stories, articles and news that engages their customers and prospects.

I love to write and it’s one part of my service that my clients tell me they value the most. They don’t have the time, and often the skills, to write content themselves.

So, I’m repositioning my business to focus on writing and sharing great content to help my clients attract and retain more clients.

I’m keeping my brilliant existing clients, who are mainly in agricultural or other business-to-business markets. But I am aiming to grow my writing and content marketing offering to professional services business and other business-to-business trades, as that’s where most of my writing work has taken me.

Out with the old and in with the new

I’m keeping my name for my business. I want people to see a real human they can connect with and trust, and not hide behind a brand. I want to maintain the value, trust and reputation I’ve already built too.

But with the change in focus comes a change in logo, visual identity and website.  Gone is the outgrown rural, outdoorsy logo. In comes a more professional, business-like logo that highlights attraction, retention and connection – just what good content marketing should aim for. (Credit and thanks to Sam Lapham at Indigo Creative for hitting my brief).

I’ve taught myself a new skill; building a website on WordPress (with the help of the wonderful Alice Jennings) and have built myself a new, more modern website aligned my new market and services. I’ll have more focus for creating valuable content for my own blogs too.

When could a repositioning work for you?

You might want to consider a change if:

  • your business direction and audience has changed;
  • your identity no longer reflects your business vision;
  • your business has seen extensive growth or a merger;
  • your brand no longer stands out from the competition; or
  • your identity has become dated.

If you are thinking of repositioning establish what your mission is first. Why are you in business, what value do you bring and who are your target audience?

And with that change in focus may come a change in branding. Remember a brand isn’t just your name, logo or strapline. Your brand determines all your activity from your business voice and your messages, to your elevator pitch and your website, social media and off-line content.

Do you need some help with writing for your business?

If you need help in planning, writing and sharing effective marketing content consistently, please get in touch with me today.